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The Red Rattler Theatre Inc is a two-storey warehouse. The main Theatre space is approx 300sqmts and the upstairs rooftop garden is a small area with tables and chairs only. There are no sound or stage facilities in the garden. The entire venue is non-smoking.

The Theatre is fully licensed, and no BYO is permitted. Minors are only permitted when expressly advertised on our “What’s On” page. If permitted, minors must be supervised by an adult guardian at all times, as per our licensing requirements.

Before making an enquiry to The Red Rattler Theatre about renting the venue for an event, please read through the information for applicants. Application forms are downloadable here and should be forwarded to enquiries[at] Please don’t post a hard copy application or drop it into the Theatre.

The Red Rattler is not available for rehearsals, we recommend PACT or Queen St Studios.

The Theatre only considers requests for birthdays and private parties from active volunteers. Please see our Volunteers page information if you’d like to contribute your time to help keep the Theatre running.

Information for Applicants (104KB)
Application Form
Tech Specs
Theatre Floor Plan (228KB)
Upstairs Garden Floor Plan (160KB)

Open days/times

The Red Rattler is licensed to 7pm – 1.45am Wednesday to Friday, and 10am – 1.45am Saturday to Sunday only. Although licensed to 1.45am, the Theatre views applications with earlier close times favourably.


We operate not-for-profit, with a tiered fee structure being charged to community users to cover running costs. All events attract an eco tax of 50c per head, to go towards The Red Rattler Theatre’s sustainability initiatives.

Rates vary depending on cause and type of event:
• NOT FOR PROFIT GROUPS* – free (50c eco-tax taken at door as above)
Defined as solidarity benefits; can have door charge or free entry, but no individual being paid for their work. *Organisations or groups receiving external funding tend to be excluded from this category.
Defined as events where organisers and performers split surplus equally.
• COMMERCIAL COMMUNITY EVENTS - $2/ticket + 50c eco-tax
Defined as events where organisers/promoters determine the door takings split, book shows and pay a defined wage to acts and/or to themselves.
• OTHER – price and conditions on application
photo-shoots, film shoots, corporate events, etc. Birthdays, weddings and private parties are only considered for active volunteers

Conditions of use

• The Red Rattler is a community space run and staffed by unpaid volunteers. Fees collected by events contribute to ongoing costs only, such as insurances, electricity, water, rates, licenses, repairs and maintenance, etc. Event organisers are expected to consider the community aspect of the space and contribute as follows:
- Provide door staff and your own float (change)
- Provide bar staff with RSA to work behind the bar for the event, where possible
- Encourage your patrons to take glasses back to the bar, and put bottles in recycling bins provided
- Clean up after event
• We are unable to provide trained sound and lighting technicians for free. You are required to book techies who have been specifically trained on Theatre equipment
• Maximum capacity of the theatre is 300 including organisers, performers and staff. Large events may be required to sell tickets in advance (presale) to control capacity issues
• No equipment or props are to be left at theatre. Anything left behind will incur penalty rates to event organisers
• All food or potentially hazardous props (eg, liquids, powder) used in performances are to be cleaned up immediately


Our equipment is precious, and has been a major financial investment. All events are required to book a Red Rattler trained sound and lighting technician specifically trained on the Theatre equipment. Fees are variable depending on workload and availability.

There is a limiter on our system. The levels have been set to comply with the local authorities – DECC and Marrickville LEP - and for the safety of our punters, techies, venue workers and YOU! We are unable to tamper with it, so please don't ask us.

We have no in-house backline so you will need to organise anything you need yourself.