The Red Rattler Theatre Inc exists due to the hard work and commitment of volunteers.

It was converted from a factory, and is now staffed, by people who give up their time to support independent arts and performance in Sydney.

The Rat is managed by a team of directors. These positions are also voluntary, and do not draw a wage. There are also two Volunteers Coordinators who manage volunteers, bar rosters etc, and are the first point of contact for volunteers.

The Rat runs on a not-for-profit basis, and all takings from events are returned to The Red Rattler to ensure its ongoing success.

The Theatre is always looking for volunteers, to help staff events, and help us maintain and improve the space. Here’s what we can offer in return:

• Bar experience (RSA required; if you don’t have an RSA, we’d love you to help out at events working the door, collecting glasses, etc)
• Event management experience
• A great reference
• A drink voucher for each two hours of staffing or maintenance (to be redeemed at end of shift or at a later event)
• A legal work environment – we are fully insured
• Eco rate and priority bookings for your event – remind us you’ve volunteered when you apply to put on an event! The Rat only considers birthday and private party applications from active volunteers (ie, those who work a minimum of four hours a month)
• Free entry to the gig you are working on
• And if you vol twice in a period of 2 months you also get to choose a free double pass to one of the events on in that month (numbers ect permitting)

In general we suggest that at first you volunteer behind the bar, or as a glassie if you don’t have an RSA. This will give you the chance to get a feel for the place, meet people and work out what you might like to do. We also occasionally hold maintenance working bees, and there are many other ways your skills can be applied to keep this multi-faceted community organisation alive and flourishing.

If you’re interested in being part of The Red Rattler Theatre Inc, please email volunteers@redrattler.org and tell us how you’d like to help.