Glory Hole

Fri Jan 5 2018

After 6 years of epic fun, Sydney's queercore punk band Glory Hole are playing their last show ever!!
We will be celebrating the launch of our split 7" with the kick ass Canadian queercore band Eekum Seekum and saying goodbye to our sweet drummer Griffen, who is moving overseas.

Doors 8pm. $10* *No-one turned away for lack of funds

GLORY HOLE - obnoxious queercore

DISPOSSESSED - fast, heavy anti colonial metal

BB AND THE BLIPS - High energy fun as fuck punk

PURE MASS - Heavy and epic new Sydney band

DJ TRACKSUIT PANTS - Will bring the post punk show dance party

This gig is a fundraiser for the important organization GMAR - Grandmothers Against Removals. GMAR Sydney Branch is a community based advocacy group against the removal of Aboriginal children from their families. All door money will be going directly to GMAR Sydney.

Venue is smoke free, wheelchair accessible and has an accessible toilet.

We would like to acknowledge the traditional custodians of the land, the Gadigal people of the Eora nation on which this event will take place. We pay respects to the Elders of the community and extend our recognition to their descendants. Sovereignty was never ceded. Always was, always will be Aboriginal land

No cops, no jerks, no bigots, no creeps.

Goodbye !!!
GLORY HOLE is rawkus, obnoxious, loud & brutal. It's in your face unapologetic queercore punk music. It's glitter encrusted pentagrams and hot sweaty moshpits with filthy queers. It's glorious revolutionary politicized queer punk chaos! Glory Hole enjoys fucking shit up and breaking the rules. Glory Hole is here to be confrontational and to make you feel uncomfortable. Glory Hole doesn't fit into the pink dollar capitalist homonormative gay community, and they don't want to. They are also here to challenge the white cis straight able bodied men who dominate our music scenes with their unacknowledged privilege. Glory Hole has been playing live and shitting glitter since 2011 and has toured Europe and the U.S.A. Over the years Glory Hole has been lucky to play with some beautiful and awesome legends in the band : Jade, Sophy-J, Kaelen and Phoenix xxxx So much love to you and all the bands and promoters we have been lucky to play with xx

+Glory Hole is a group of people with different life experiences, but we have always been united and committed to anti capitalist inter-sectional politics and actions. We do not live single issue lives. We need to continue to build cross platform solidarity and fight systemic oppression's including white supremacy, imperialism, colonialism, cis-supremacy, heteronormativity, the patriarchy, classism, ableism, the cops and the government as enforcers of these oppressive systems and the prison industrial complex as the punitive outcome. What we believe and what we fight for remains just as important as the music.

Keep loving. Keep fighting. Never give up.