Ryan Martin’s Narrative Generator

Mon Dec 11 2017

The first set will debut two of Ryan Martin’s newest compositions: Chorale No. 1 and A Cure for Nihilism. Chorale No. 1 treads the line between notation and improvisation, defining the rhythms and arrangement of the four instruments, but leaving pitch under the control of the performers. A Cure for Nihilism is written for spoken word and guitar, and tells the touching story of an individual’s decline into depression.

The second set involves multiple performances of Narrative Generator (for Living Machine). This work incorporates instruments, electronics, and spoken word, functioning as a single living machine that generates an emergent narrative and soundtrack based on suggestions from the audience and the conventions of film and video games. Debuted earlier in the year, Narrative Generator (for Living Machine) experiments with the boundaries of improvisation in a way that is enjoyable for everyone, from improvisation aficionados to anyone that loves a good story.


Narration: Lewis-Alan Trathen

Guitar: Michael J. Brady

Trumpet: Deven Rahman

Flute: Grace Leung

Samples: Gemma Lipman

Composition, keyboard, guitar: Ryan Martin