Funeral Moon

Fri Nov 17 2017

From the dejection of endless, catastrophic heartache comes the outpouring of authentic hatred and self-loathing. Rare-form entreaties of necro-punk, Funeral Moon will be releasing Nyx & Utter Shit 7" and Live Carnage (cassette) to close out a year that will go down in the annals of history as a failure in a world deader than love in a dying heart.

Live Carnage cassette
Funeral Moon will be entering the infamous studios of Adelaide’s legendary community radio station, 3-d radio, on Saturday November 4th to record an hour-long live-to-air set. This will be the most comprehensive utterance to date of Funeral Moon’s blackened crust, containing rare songs from all their releases to date.

Joining Funeral Moon, as always, are good friends, contemporaries and timeless legends of underground music:

Oily Boys


Dead Architect
Filth Hymns is the final sounds of Dead Architect. Six grim howls of dbeat power loads and black metal bleakness. Inverted crosses. Witch Death. Heil Satan.

Nyx & Utter Shit and Live Carnage released via Impure Sounds.