Amplified Voices

Thu Sep 28 2017

There is no denying that there is a lack of equal gender representation in punk scenes on both a local and international level. As this issue increasingly gains more attention, we aim to contribute to this change in a positive way through showcasing what some incredible women and non-binary folk are doing in these scenes.

- First up we have Arafura, anti-colonial anti-powerviolence who will well and truly smack some life into you

- Next is a bit of a change in pace with Doll Holiday delivering the emotion-packed, punk influenced math-rock goods

- Staying on the softer, mathy side of punk for a while, we have penguin punk trio Zen Haircuts. We guarantee that you'll fall in love with their sweet, sweet guitar melodies

- Last but definitely not least, we have the queerpunk angels in PASSING who will be riffing up an absolute storm and dropping some truth bombs on us all

As well as some hella cool sets, members of these bands will be making powerful statements onstage about why and how they think this issue exists, what can be done to ensure change and its effect on anyone non-male wanting to engage with music as both a fan and performer.

For every ticket purchased, we will be donating $5 to non-profit organisation, 'Women in Music':

DOORS 7pm $10 at the door

**Shitty behaviour will not be tolerated at this event and will resort in you getting kicked out.**
**Respect the issue, respect those around you and have a fricken good time!**