Non DJ Electronic Showcase

Sun Jul 16 2017

Non DJ Electronic Showcase will take place at Red Rattler in Marrickville on Sunday the 16th of July from 7pm, with a line up that will include ZEN ROBOTIC [VIC], EXTRAMENTALIST, SWANSEA HIT AND RUN, GALRAEDIA and KLAUS BASS.

The conbination of acts will combine a mix of Darkwave, Synthpop, Drum N' Bass, Psych Electronica, Electronic Hip-Hop and Trip Hop.

The event will also be a great opportunity for people who are part of the burgeoning Facebook group "Non DJ Electronic Musicians of Sydney" to meet up face-to-face and network with like-minded musicians, friends and fans.

Entry is $10

Approximate Set Times:

ZEN ROBOTIC: (10:00 - 11:00)
An electronic band based in Melbourne, who will be travelling up for their first ever performance in the harbour city. The band’s songs are driven by deep, thought provoking lyrics, and are characterised by driving synths and electronic drums.

EXTRAMENTALIST: (9:20 - 9:50)
A solo project from Tom Fisher that blends Live-Looping, Original Ska, Dub and Trip-Hop. Tom performs his sets using guitar, trombone and sampler.

SWANSEA HIT AND RUN: (8:40 - 9:10)
A guitar driven electronic act that delivers a psychedelic sound.
John Cobbin and Phil Stallard both play guitars, Phil also plays bass, keys, samplers and controls beats..

GALRAEDIA: (8:00 - 8:30)
An alternative/industrial/electronic act based in the Blue Mountains. Their sound is Influenced by 80's goth and modern electronica.

KLAUS BASS: (7:15 - 7:45)
Having moved to Sydney from Perth in 2017, Klaus Bass is currently performing live around the city, playing hard beats and writing and in the midst of recording a second LP right now.