Torrents - Ben Harb's Residency Outcome

Thu Jun 15 2017


Torrents is an interactive quadraphonic/ spatialised sonic experience. The evening will hold the premier of a number of new works by composer, Ben Harb. The works include field recordings, improvisations and live performance. Combining a wide range of influence from Pierre Schaeffer to Steve Reich, the composer aims to bring various compositional techniques into the quadraphonic/ spatialised setting.

The audience is then encouraged to engage with the spatial dissemination of the music, selecting which parts of each piece they would like to hear. The aim of Torrents is to allow the audience to understand the way each individual part makes an entire piece of music. Changing combinations will allow the audience to experience the music at its components.

DOORS 6pm Free drinks

Ben Harb is a young composer and performer from Canberra. A recent graduate from the Australian Nation University’s School of Music, Ben has worked with many members of the local and international experimental music and art communities. Ben has worked and performed with a number of acts within Canberra including the ANU New Music Ensemble, the Experimental Music Studio, Ostracod and bands such as Ecruteak and Lost Coast.

Recently, Ben’s work has focused on the use of electro-acoustic instrumentation, spatialisation, and open form composition. Ben also focuses on composition techniques that allow the performer control over the work’s parameters changing the piece each time it is performed. By combining this with fixed media, Ben creates an interesting soundscape in a live performance setting and on record.