Front Left 1st Birthday

Fri May 26 2017

Line-up /

Archi†ex (live)
Not Mani
Ben Bagley
Chris Cornelius

It's been a year since our inception and we feel incredibly privileged to have been able to put on the events we have and build Front Left up to the point it’s at now. From the beginning we set out to curate immersive experiences bound together by the formidable community ethos of the Inner West and it’s slew of talented creative individuals. For us, the process and the way it sparks such amazing creativity between people has become equally as important as the end result so an endless thank you to everyone who has come to our parties and supported what we do over the last year. As it's our birthday it seemed fitting to return to where it all began at The Red Rattler in Marrickville and put together something extra special.


Stage Design // Nefarius Gelfling
Production // Tommy De Groot
Lighting // Terrance Maxwell
Artwork // Kristen Howard Design


LGBTI+ Friendly // #freetomove
Creating a safe space in which, people, regardless of their sexual orientation, gender or race can enjoy themselves freely, is of utmost importance to us. At all our events there will be dedicated, trusted staff that can be approached or texted discreetly (posters with their numbers will be up around the party) should anyone feel unsafe or harassed in any way.


#meetyoufrontleft #darkroomscolourfulpeople

DOORS 8pm - 3AM presale Tickets $25- $30