David Liebe Hart (Tim & Eric)

Sat Apr 8 2017


With SKULL AND DAGGER, heavy lids & Bura Bura (Colin J Thompson -https://soundcloud.com/bura-bura-704639819)

DOORS 8:30pm Limited tickets:$25 + BF http://artbyliebehart.com/tickets

Known for his roles on Tim & Eric Awesome Show Great Job!, David Liebe Hart is an outsider musician, actor and painter. A true original, he has communicated with extra-terrestrials, owns a large collection of puppets, and is obsessed with trains.

With electronic wizard Th' Mole as backing musician, Liebe Hart puts on a show certain to please old fans and new ones alike. The duo performs their songs along with puppets, projected video accompaniment, and surprises!